The approach

At Centre d’equitation Jacques Robidas, a respect for horses is first and foremost. Our entire philosophy is to co-operate rather than dominate. We teach riders to communicate with their mounts, controlling the animals with their bodies.

Horses are very sensitive to posture and breathing and the signals riders convey - things that are normally done without much thought. By learning how to control the way they sit and how they breathe, riders can better communicate with their mounts.

This riding technique is both respectful and efficient - the best approach to riding outdoors. It allows you to feel at one with your horse – a very rewarding experience. For children and beginners, it is a gentle introduction to an exciting new activity. For seasoned riders, it comes as a surprise to learn that this unique approach helps them to become more skilled in handling a horse and even increases their passion for this astonishing animal.

Our horses

Our stables are home to 14 horses, the majority of whom were born here on the farm. The breeds include two Arabs, seven Canadians, five paints and one Belgian draft horse. Our equestrian family has recently grown to include a pretty filly - the offspring of Sultan, our Canadian stallion and our mare, Demi-Lune. The filly, named Celene, was born on May 12, 2011 at 4:10pm.

Our love of horses is reflected in the way we care for our animals. For nine months, when weather permits, our horses are at pasture but even during the winter, when it’s cold, they are taken out every day to exercise in our training arena.

Taking care of our horses and having such intimate contacts with them allows us to get to know their distinct personalities. We work with them according to their unique temperaments, because we know that is the best way to form a trusting relationship between riders and their mounts. Our horses love coming into contact with humans and they are happy and willing to please.

The horses are not shod and we use a natural way of trimming their hooves and keeping them healthy. Because we care about the environment, we compost the horse manure with products made by Plocher. For over 25 years, this company has utilized eco-friendly ingredients that speed up the process of composting. We use our composted manure to fertilize our fields and sell the surplus to local gardeners.

At Centre d’equitation Jacques Robidas we strive for excellence in all aspects of our business. The way we care for our horses, our teaching techniques and our unique approach to riding, all add up to a memorable experience!