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Jacques Robidas

After a career with the Sûreté du Québec (Quebec police force), which was filled with varied, formative experiences, Jacques Robidas transformed his passion for dressage and breeding horses into a full time occupation.

In 1991, he realized his dream! Launching a business from the family farm - Equetrian Centre J. Robidas - he started offering hiking trips and outings by horseback.

From 1991 to 1995, he initiated and organized four major “medieval” rides. More than 250 knights and troubadours participated in this extraordinary event.

Struck low by a serious illness between 1995 and 2002, Jacques started to explore new techniques so that he could continue to ride his beloved horses. During this period, he developed an even more sensitive awareness of these magnificent, powerful animals and the role that they could play in giving pleasure and having fun.

Today, Jacques no longer considers himself to be a “passenger” on a horse. Rather, he has become a partner. His passion for horses remains unabated and imbued with renewed energy, he teaches all kinds of people, of every age and physical condition, to ride.

Jacques is an exacting trainer who helps riders from around the region –indeed from around the world - to discover their inner selves, to connect with the fluidity of the animal and to appreciate the pure beauty of its movement…. Symbiosis.

Guylaine Cambron

In 2004, Jacques’ wife joined the team. Guylaine Cambron has become a source of inspiration for the centre. She has invested a lot in the company, which has benefited greatly from her expertise in the field of customer service and her overriding belief in the importance of wellness. Before meeting Jacques, Guylaine had never been on a horse in her life but through her husband she has discovered the joys of riding. By watching him communicate with horses she has absorbed his techniques. She has augmented his approach even further by following different courses, allowing him to better understand the body’s role in communicating with and controlling the animals.

This is how, by working together, Jacques and Guylaine have designed the unique approach that is characteristic of the Centre d’équitation and how they have developed the various services now offered by the Equitation Centre. Their philosophy? Cum naturae Concordia – “in harmony with nature.”

Professional background

Courses in France, Morocco and Canada, the most notable being Sally Swift’s Centered Riding

Teacher recognized by Québec à Cheval and la Fédération Équestre du Québec

The first equestrian centre accredited by Équi-qualité

Equestrian centre representative for the above two organizations and board member of Équi-qualité between 2006-09

The second equestrian centre accredited by Aventure Éco-Tourisme

Chairman of the Board for Tourism Eastern Townships, between 1995 and 2007 and Member of the Board, between 1991 and 2009

Member of the Board, Paysages Estriens (representing Tourism Eastern Townships) since 2001 and chairman of the board since 2011.

More than 50 articles in national and international print media Several TV shows with Equi-Trekking on US-based Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in September 2008 Jacques’ expertise and the high quality of his teaching techniques speak for themselves!